Interview with Anna Bolte and Chaja Lang, founders of the gallery Bolte Lang in Zurich

Closed to the “Löwenbräu-Areal”, Zurich’s famous gallery and museums quarter, you will find the gallery of Anna Bolte and Chaja Lang, which opened in 2008. After meeting in the late ninties they decided to open a gallery together in Switzerland. But London is the place where it all began.How did you meet? We met at a dinner in London in 1999 and bonded over a performance by Rita Ackermann and Lizzi Bougatsos at Peter Kilchmann Gallery in Zurich a couple of years later.What motivated you to open a gallery together? Timing – we both wanted to leave London, we both wanted to change our work situation and just as we had the idea of starting a gallery together we were offered a space. When did you open your gallery? Our first opening took place 31st January 2008. Let’s talk about the location. Why did you choose this neighborhood? What was the purpose of the building before? We didn’t choose the neighbourhood – the space almost chose us. Before we moved in it was a workshop. The foundation running it wanted to move out, so the grandson of the owner, a friend of ours…

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Photo Credit:
Talisa Lallai, Installation view at Boltelang. Courtesy by the Artist and Boltelang