Interview with Antoine Levi, founder of the gallery Antoine Levi in Paris

A train to Paris, a Frenchman, an Italian woman, a cat: the start of a new gallery for contemporary art in Belleville. Antoine Levi told us the story of his Galerie Antoine Levi, keeping the suspense about the future and a new location.
When did you start your gallery and what motivated you? Was there a moment or an episode that compelled you to open a gallery?
Nerina and I decided to open our own gallery while we were living in Rome between 2011 and 2012. We felt the need to create something on our own with our vision, and I needed to come back to Paris after many years living abroad, bringing with me the best from Italy, Nerina.
Nothing compelled us particularly, just the need to work and to do what we like. We usually spend time on internet, and after some time the urge to work with the aesthetic we like was pulsing; we took our luggage and our cat on an endless train to Paris.
Which was your first show and why?
We opened the gallery with only 5.000 Euros and after the many administrative expenses and the first rental fees for the gallery space we were totally broke.
Since the beginning we wanted to open the gallery with a solo show that was more meaningful than any other option, so the artist we opened with was Olve Sande. Olve immediately…read more